(A) Age 30+ <Inception>

Greetings from Mirage Raceway, Alliance side :wink:

Inception was founded from scratch when Classic launched as a guild purely for older players.

For our current team we are interested inn:

Paladin: Holy

Additionally, socials are always welcome, regardless! :slight_smile:**

Raid hours:

Sun: 20:00-23:00 AQ40 .
Tue: 20:00-23:00 BWL/MC.
Mon /thur: 20:30-22:00 AQ20 not mandatory.

It’s nice to have a place to play, chill and interact with like-minded, with the same reference set, history and background, not to mention less drama. A guild where you can combine family, kids, jobs, shift-work and all that…with the game, and still be able to push content as softly or as hard as is convenient for you.

Being a vanilla veteran is not a requirement ofc, but the age pretty much is, as that is the point of the guild - to unite people of a certain age composition and same interests - i.e. gaming, raiding, and fun…and a good sense of humor :))

Our long term goal is to experience all game content, which of course includes raiding. We are a laid-back and easy-going bunch, but come raid-time we expect focus, progression-hunger and dedication from our core raiders. Those members with a more casual play-style are welcome as social members ofc, as we have a wonderful and lively guild chat. Our members are spread evenly between age 25-60.

Thx for your attention and hope to see some of you around :slight_smile:

Contact me at:

Akeela#2615 or in game.

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