[A] Aggra - Monk looking for active allround guild


My name is Daan Vansteelant, born in a city called Torhout located in Belgium - Flanders. I’m 30 years old and looking for a new active guild (raiding, m+ and pvp).

Playing sice vanilla, nearly played all expantions except cataclysm.
In vanilla I mained warlock raided up to naxxramas (my hardcore wow times) , in TBC also played warlock but did not raid that much anymore. in WOTLK was rogue my main and did pvp the most. I skipped Cataclysm as I said before. in MOP is started to play again later in the expantion, did not do much…
After in WOD I mained a hunter and did raid more, but only with pugs. Later on I started to play monk and never changed since then. Raided with my monk in Legion and BFA. Also all with pugs.
Now in SL I want do take it more serious again, so that’s why i’m looking for a guild to play with

I did a Faction transfer to aggra (portuguese), in hope to learn the language more.
I’m a brewmaster monk for mythic+ and i do raiding and pvp as a windwalker.
At the moment my ilvl is 201 for tank, never tanked in a raid but willing to do with some support. We all got to learn ya know :wink:

If u want to know more about me or got any questions feel free to reply or add me on Bnet



Vansteelant Daan