[A] Any BRD group?


Disclaimer : Horde guys will laugh at this post, but I don’t care :3

We are 2 DPS (lvl 53 & 55) and we would love to go to BRD donjon.
We do play almost every night, but we cannot find anyone to make a group.

If anyone has a reroll (lvl 52-59) willing to come with us, it’ll be great ! We need 1 Tank, 1 DPS & 1 Healer.
You can reply here or whisp me IG.


edit :

It appears that we found Tank & DPS ! \o/
We would need 1 healer ! We scheduled to go there on Feb 12th evening.
Reply here or whisp-me IG :slight_smile:

edit2 :

Completed ! Until last boss :slight_smile:
Maybe Stonespine Alliance is not that dead after all ?

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