[A] [Arathor] <BSC> Recruiting friendly and like-minded people

Guild: BSC, Alliance
Server: EU Arathor (Linked with Hellfire, Kilrogg, Nagrand and Runetotem)
Language(s): English
Raid Times/Days: Sundays 20:00 - 22:00 server-time, with an in-game community
Current Progression: Currently raiding Castle Nathria Normal alongside another in game community. We hope to build a team to raid as a guild.
Recruitment Contacts: BattleNet: Skuggfax#2393 / Goldmoon#2808 / Dragonic#2882
Discord : discord.gg/ucAasv2fgx
Requirements: Like-minded people who will help us maintain our guild as a home away from home, have a laugh with us, and discuss the joys and challenges of WoW as well as those of RL are more than welcome. We do not tolerate people being disruptive or abusive in any way. We are inclusive and welcome anyone wishing to join us.
Needs: players interested in raiding, Mythic+, and having a good time in-game! The BSC is a long standing social and casual type of guild, which has been active on EU Arathor since the launch of WoW. Our objective is to offer a home for people with RL commitments who still want to enjoy everything the game has to offer and do so in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We’re currently assembling a stronger raiding team, frequently run Mythic+ throughout the week (and have a dedicated M+ night on Tuesday at 20:30 server-time), and run fun social events such as TimeWalking groups, Torghast runs, weekly quest groups, and achievement/mount/cosmetic hunting.

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