[A] <Armada> is recruiting friendly & chilled players like you!

Evening folks,

We have been been rolling along since the first couple of days of Classic’s release and is still going strong. We’re slowly building up our core of players to smash endgame with in a chilled and fun-focused way, and we’re always looking for people that will fit in well with us.

I’ll post our guilds three basic rules that we have on our Discord so that you can read through:

  1. RESPECT! Show it to your fellow guildies, officers and server community. No one should ever go out of their way to be a dick to anyone else - that’s not what classic is about. If you need to ruin someones day, make it a horde._
  2. Racist, sexist and / or homophobic language won’t be tolerated under any circumstances, even if you’re just trying to make an edgy joke. Even if your intent isn’t to insult someone specifically or a group of people, keep in mind that others life experiences may not make accepting certain words as jokes an easy thing to do.
  3. Keep NSFW content and orientated conversations to their designated discord channels and keep guild chat clear of in depth, explicit conversations. Not everyone here is reliving nostalgia - there will be plenty of younger people around and some guildies might be trying to share their experiences with their children.

If you like what you see and think that you’d be a good fit for us, then feel free to PM me in-game on Loxi, PM me on Discord @ Loxi#2858 or on BNet @ Loxi#21457.

See you around!

Quick update about raiding.

Our raid days will be Thursdays and Sundays starting from 20:30 and finishing at 23:30 server time (CET).

At the moment we’re doing a two-day raid schedule but if needed we will increase it to three.

Signup now to guarantee your place in one of the best guilds on Noggenfogger.

We’re about a week off from raiding and we need healers and casters. Get in touch!

Raiding tomorrow! Still taking players, but especially needing some Warlocks!

Get in quick for a good chance at a spot in our first team!

Armada is still going strong. PM me on Discord @ Loxi#2858 for a chat!