[A] Arms Warrior, looking for mature/friendly PvP community

Hello there!

My name is Rhunok. I play a Dwarf Arms Warrior and am looking for a mature and friendly EU Alliance PvP community, who doesn’t mind new people. A community where newbies and veteran PvP players can meet, in an attempt to take on rated PvP seriously, but not to the extent where people start yelling at each other for not doing their job correctly. A chill/relaxed community where people can laugh at their own expense and mistakes without taking themselves too seriously.

Last time I PvPed seriously with my Warrior was in TBC which is quite a while ago. I recently took it up again though, and just hit 1,7k rating after a couple of days with a friend, so I’m learning again :slight_smile: but yes there is definitely room for improvement on my side.

I’m a super relaxed, chill and calm 32 year old dude from Sweden. I’m mature, friendly and I have a positive reflection regardless of outcome. I’m a perfectionist who always strive to improve and enhance my performance. And I will do my utmost in order to make sure that I deserve the spot you’ve given me.

Does a community like this exist and if so could you point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hope to see you ingame and best regards,

Hey Rhunok!

I’m in a similar boat, but new to the EU servers and looking to meet some like-minded people, and potentially start on their realm. Would be awesome to do some BGs and Arena together. I have a few max lvl boosters so teaming up shouldn’t be a problem!

I’m 31 living in the CZ, and I work from home so fairly free at random times :+1:t4:

Hit me up!

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Hey Wombatta! And sorry for the delayed response, busy week you know how it is hehe :slight_smile:

Based on gut feeling, something tells me you’re a great guy to play with, and I would love to join you for some PvP action!

I’ll add you when I have time(probably tomorrow) and we can talk more there :+1: