[A] <Ascension> | Semi-hardcore | Loot Council

A guild with its roots on talnivarr, with an existence from Vanilla up until Cataclysm. We’re now coming together with the core from Nightshade, finding success as the server dominating guild on Sunstrider for years. We have many seasoned players already, but are always looking to bolster our ranks! We aim for a friendly and helpful environment, as we pave our way through the upcoming content aiming for fast paced progression, living the dream once again!

Raiding Schedule:
Wednesday, Sunday & Monday 19:00-23:00 (We do obviously not need all this raiding time in early phases, but you should be be able to raid on given times for future content)

The loot will be distributed by the loot council, as fairly as possible without regards of rank, but with the guilds best interest in mind for future progression!

Our expectations for you:

  • Be able to both speak & listen to english on discord aswell as be able to take criticism if need be.
  • Have a high attendance & always let us know in advance if you’re unable to show up
  • Farm and obtain required consumables & enchants outside of raids by yourself
  • A relatively high game understanding and a will to do proper research for your class/specc aswell as the content we’re facing.
  • An overall good attitude goes a long way

We’re currently recruiting:
Holy Paladins - High
Warlocks - Low
Fury Warrior - Exceptional Only
Mage - Exceptional Only

If your role is not mentioned above but you still feel like you have something to contribute with, don’t hesitate to apply regardless, whisper/message Devou (Devou#8678), Helakion (Helakion#2340), Steewiee (Steewiee
#1915) or Hedara (hedara#5073) in-game, or on discord, for a more thorough talk.

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<Ascension> had our first shot at raiding over Sun/Mon and downed Rag followed by a casual Ony kill. As we have not put pressure on the guild members to level, because we believe everyone might as well enjoy this phase as much as possible, about 15% of the raid were PuGs…we even sent one of them back to their own guild with the Eye of Sulfaras!

Still looking for the above classes so feel free to get in touch today.


Still looking for those elusive Holy Pallys, Priests and DPS warrs (:

Bring me paladins! Seriously, need like 1 or 2 paladins looking to wreck Classic raids from now til the end.

Still recruting the classes mentioned above to help smooth double Molten Core weekly runs. Mages / Rogues / Druids also welcome to apply (:

Still going strong over here with 2 full teams doing quick and efficient MC clears each week and are about to introduce a 3rd for alts and socials.

Please drop us a line if you suit the above criteria and are looking for a new home.