(A) Auchindoun <Nullus Anxietas> HC Raiding | Recruiting

The basics:

  • Raid times are 20:30 - 23:00 Server Time, Wednesday & Sunday
  • Current progression is 7/10 HC, with a few Curves behind us. However, we raid to have fun.
  • Voice chat (Discord) is mandatory. A microphone is not.
  • We’re mainly looking for DPS and since we’re raiding HC, we want you to be lvl 60 and ilvl 200+
  • Contact a guild member or make an in-game application if you’re interested.

So, who are we?
Nullus have been raiding and playing together since tBC, although regulars have joined and stayed from almost every expansion since then as well.

Although most of our guild is raiding, we also have altoholics, achievement junkies and m+ dungeoneers.

As a fair few of us have either spouses, kids, pets or any combination of the three, we understand that life happens. That said, we appreciate guildies who sign up for raids they intend to join, or who declines raids that they do not.

Most of us don’t have as much time for the game as we used to. Jobs, family and well… life makes it so that the time we do spend in game is important to us.

Our raid group is on the smaller side and we hover between 10 and 18 members for our raids. (This is where you come in)

Who are you?
We hope you’re grown up. Enough so that you’re comfortable in a group where we make jokes about parenting while we wait for the raiders who needed more time than our tea break allowed to take care of the kids.

You know how to listen when we set a tactic. If you have a different one, you’re free to explain it before the raid starts. You’re also not afraid to wing it and get killed a few dozen times.

You raid because it’s fun, because you like the people you get to know.


A little bump - it really is a lovely group.

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