[A] [Azjol-Nerub-Quel'Thalas] <Valhall> 6/10 M is recruiting

Hello ladies (and gentlemen),

It’s Castle Nathria progress time and we are looking for players to fill a few spots in our raiding team.

Who are we

Valhall is one of the oldest guilds of our server, and some of its core members have been playing together since Vanilla. Our aim is to clear heroic and progress as much as possible through mythic content in a focused, but friendly environment while keeping in mind that we have jobs, families, friends and that real life can get in the way.

When we raid

We raid Wednesday and Thursday 20.00-23.00 server time.
We also have a social raid on Tuesday 20.00-23.00 server time and we organise m+ runs and other activities in the non-raiding time.

What are we looking for

One or two healers (priest and pally preferred). A windwalker monk. And a range dps (warlock, mage, or shadow priest).
But don’t hesitate to contact us even if your class is not in the list.

Info and applications

If you’d like to apply or if you wish some more information, contact me in game, on battle.net Astreia#2611 or on discord Astreia#6899

And we got curve :slight_smile: now it is mythic progression time.

And Huntsman is down too!

Still looking for a holy paladin, a windwalker monk, and a range dps

Sun king down! We are looking for a discipline priest, a windwalker monk, and a ranged dps.

Lady Innerva is down too! We are looking for a healer (paladin or priest) a windwalker monk, and one or two range dps.

And Artificer is down too! We are still interested in recruiting a healer and a couple of range dps.