[A] <B r e t h r e n> Recruiting PvE, PvP and socials!

B r e t h r e nofficially an international guild, looking for more people to join both our PvE and PvP ranks.

PvE spots:

  • Druid(No tanks)
  • Warlock
  • Rogue
  • Hunter

Raid Schedule: 1-2 times a week (18:00 Realm Time)
Friday being a steady raiding day.
Current Raid Progression: 1/1 Onyxia, 10/10 MC

All PvPers and socials also accepted.

For more information, find us in-game:
Hack2Play#2451 (Prosalie/Holyspotgg)
Fasoli#2645 (Mirthalda)
Samcro83#2957 (Maelthor/Icebreak)

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