[A] <Bakom Flötet> looking for relaxed, casual Swedes for 10 man raiding

We are only looking for swedish speaking members. I tried to do the post in swedish, but it got taken down, so here it is again translated…

Hello! <Bakom Flötet> was formed around 2017, when we were a group from the University of Gothenburg who were eager to raid our way through everything 10-man in wotlk (“alternative” server due to lack of other option). We did this, and have since raided in Legion, Bfa & early Shadowlands in retail. Now that wotlk was announced we got hooked again, and have now been running since the release. We are all around 30, most have demanding jobs, some have children, and we only play to have fun together 2 nights a week. This means that we are very relaxed, and there are very low requirements outside what is nessecary to get forward. The goal is to clear all 10-man before the next phase comes out, and we don’t care at all how we measure up against other guilds etc.

Due to the fact that we want a balanced progression where we can gear and advance together in 10-man, we have decided to ban 25-man raiding (and other raiding outside of guild raids) for the characters that run with us . If you want to run it with another character, that’s fine, but then it shouldn’t be played with us.

We run Suicide Kings to distribute loot. It’s not even remotely fair, but we like the simplicity. It works well for us as we try to move forward together, and not individually. It is important to us that all members share this mentality.

We have cleared Naxx, Malygos & Sarth 2 drakes. The goal right now is to kill Sarth 3 drakes before Ulduar comes out.

We are now looking for 2-3 people, as we have been 8 people some raids, and want to be stable at 10 people each raid. For us, it is more important that we find additions with the right mentality and attitude than the right classes, so we are not fussy about what you play. That said, we already have 3 (maybe 4) paladins, so it might be a bit tricky with more.

Do you think <Bakom Flötet> sounds like just what you’re looking for? Whisper “Hämnaren” or reach out to one of our in-game members and they’ll put you in touch.

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