A balanced Diet - oh!

… I did not realise this eventually turns into a mount! …

Started it thinking ok, it’s going to be a toy/pet and decided to surf to find out when will it ever end as it’s dragging on abit now… I mean how much food does this thing need! … well the link below makes sense now! …

will adopt some patience and crack on! … also glad to see if you forget a day it won’t sulk and your back to square one!


Guess that was a pleasant surprise then?


It was … was just bimbling around and this reoccurring activity was starting to grate on me … there is an end in sight… with a flappy thing!

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Back in TBC, I went to Tirisfal Glades with my dwarf hunter to get the rare spawn bat there. At the time, it was an incredibly rare model to have for a pet, even more so for an alliance character. I named it Flappy. Much later it was deleted as someone had reported the name as inappropriate. So be careful using that word :cry:


Wow really! I’m a mature Brit and that is just a daft name for something that has wings :grinning:
… some people need to chill out for saying that is inappropriate

Sorry you lost your bat though :disappointed_relieved:

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Thank you for confirming that I am not the only person who says ‘bimbling around’! :slight_smile:

I am still working on Reginald… so far he has proven to be a picky eater.


I thought it was “bumbling”. Are they both used by chance?

…I mean… I use the word bimbling :slight_smile:

Bumbling is… less directed. You don’t have a real goal. Bimbling is with purpose but you don’t have a time limit and you may get sidetracked without consequence.

In my dictionary :slight_smile:


This is not my first rodeo with a mount that takes a lot of days of nurture. I really enjoy them. I have a far greater attachment to mounts I’ve lovingly raised.

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I love these long raise a mount-quests! <3 This one is really well made, maybe even the best so far. He’s quite cute with his little toys.

I wonder if we get to keep the name in some manner?

About the delete of Fl*ppy. Me not being English, I had no idea it was a somewhat inappropriate word, had to google! I have a diseased wolf for my undead hunter that I named Herr Herpes. (= Mister herpes) Someone reported it but he wasn’t deleted, a rename was all I had to do.


I wouldn’t have considered Flappy to be a problem… given that the Flappy Bird app made millions.

Maybe it’s a slang term used by millenials…


Here’s hoping at least as “Bitey Mcstabface” is an excellent name for a mount I feel. :smile:

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I went insane when i saw the name “Bitey Mcstabface” - i instantly chose it.
It really made my day and i had a good laugh to the Trainy McTrainface / Boaty McBoatface refference.

( If you guys dont know the storys: There was a british online vote to name a polar expedition boat and Boaty McBoatface won, but they decided not to use it. In sweden there was also a vote to name a train - and Trainy McTrainface won and they used it. )


Snap! Did the same :+1:

So like the main quest in RPGs basically.

Imo its boring… With all this madness stuff we could get Transformation into one of those creeps instead of another saddled stuff.

I don’t understand why Blizzard is limiting this type of mounts so much~ we have like three in entire game. Zero Transformations in shop*!

(Maybe for the better because I would waste 25$ to get one of those)

Probably less aggressive. I don’t think anyone has ever bimbled about while planning to kill things.

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If you want to turn into a disgusting creep you’ve had the option to play male night elves since the game released.

As for why there isn’t a huge amount of “transformation” mounts, I’d guess it’s because they mostly don’t make much sense. I know, I know, nor do several of the store mounts, but I guess they’re trying to keep the numbers somewhat down.

Personally I’d rather see more passenger mounts, obtainable by anyone, with anywhere from 1 to 4 seats.

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Hmm… I’ll try to remember what I’ve done, there is more than three. :slight_smile:

Winterspring frostsaber is a raise a kitten now, not the heavy grind it used to be. A dino in Un’Goro for the horde. In Pandaria we raised small dragons from an egg. In Legion we had four hatchlings. In WoD we had the stable that gave four mounts to train, or was it five? I don’t remember what we had to do for the TBC netherdrakes, was a lot of egg collecting but not exactly raising them.

Edit: I misunderstood what you meant with transformation. You mean like the sandstone drake.

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Oooh. I did not know that, thanks. Granted I still don’t really want one, but if the quests are anything like the wind serpents in MoP, I enjoyed those.