[A] <Balanced> Outland-EU 9/10 HC Recruiting 4x DPS

Hi there,

We are a semi-hardcore and late night raiding guild composed of mature progress raiders. We raid two nights a week 9:30-11:30 server time in order to accommodate those with family commitments/job commitments that cannot commit to a heavy raid schedule. Our raid days and times are:

Thursday 9:30 -11:30 ST
Monday 9:30 - 11:30 ST

As part of that, we therefore commit to our 2 hours raiding on each reset, focusing to either progress as much as possible or clear as much as possible within those 2 hour windows to maximise our impact each reset.

We’re currently progressing on Sire Denathrius HC (Best pull 37%), and are recruiting DPS in order to balance out our raid composition and approach Mythic progress in the future.

We’d accept applications from any DPS class, but we’re particularly interested in the following:

Warlock (pref Affliction but will accept any spec)
Death Knight (any DPS spec)
Havoc Demon Hunter
Any other exceptional melee DPS class/player

If you are interested in a trial spot with us, please get in contact with us on this forum post below, or contact us directly in game.

You can add my Battle Tag:
Lyrax#21524 - Lyrax
Ferlabor#2323 - Fer

If you cannot get in contact with the above, contact any of these Officers via /who Balanced ingame:

Thanks for reading we look forward to hearing from you.

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