[A] Banterbury is recruiting! 10/10N & 4/10HC

[A] is recruiting! 10/10N & 4/10HC
We are a group of friends who all met up from old expansions,
where we have all raided mythic but now decided to raid casually during Shadowlands

We raid 2 days a week, we are casual but expect you to know what you are doing,
we also do mythic+ but don’t have a set day for them.

Our raid days are every: Tuesday and Sunday from 19:30 ST to 22:30,
our main goal is to get Curve in the current tier (SoD)

But don’t let this discourage you from joining us or reaching out.
We offer a chill, yet competitive environment, with a focus on enjoying our game time and enjoying each other’s company.

We trial for a few raids to see what we got

What we are looking for:

Know your class
Ilvl 215 Legendary Rank 2: Item Level 210 or above

Contact us on discord

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