(A)<Bind øn Equip>8/8H 1/8M Raiding, M+, & More

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If you have stumbled upon this post you are more than likely looking for a guild on AN/QT. Our cluster**** guild of degenerates and nutters might just be the home for you! Whether you are a raider, social, starting/returning to the game or just not quite sure... we strive to have a helpful, close knit, friendly & knowledgeable community for you to take advantage of.

Although social first and foremost, we have a dedicated and passionate core raid team and are always looking for like minded players to bolster our ranks. 7/8 H now we look to have G'huun down in the next week and then get heroic down to a one night clean farm. We love Mythic Taloc as a loot pinata but flex raids are where its at when it comes to our type of player base so Mythic is not our end goal but rather a place to get some more shiny things if we find the time.

We raid three nights a week. Wed and Mon 8-11pm server we focus on our *currently heroic* progression. Fridays 8-11 we always run a casual friendly normal for all who want to give it a go (340+/Honored min). Depending on progress mythic is always a possibility but never a guarantee. If we find ourselves bored after getting heroic down to a one night clear, we try our hand at the early mythic bosses but we get there when we get there. If you are looking for serious mythic progression we wouldn't be the right home for you.

We have been raiding together since Nighthold and have come a million miles from our humble beginnings. We are not a flash in the pan nor a fly by night guild. With approximately 300 members and a proven track record over the course of the past 4 raid tiers you will find 3 raids a week, mythic plus content run daily, and social events in between.

The one thing we cannot boast is a PVP team. Despite multiple attempts... our server is just not the home for dedicated pvpers. That is literally the only aspect of the game we don't have our hand in. That being said, a shout in guild chat will usually find you a friend for arenas, bgs, etc.

We run this guild old school... Guild pays for its raiders repairs, food, flasks, pots, and runes. We take care of our own.

Our mythic plus/keystone scene is lively. You can find guild runs going on at most any time of day.

Socially we are extremely active. You will rarely find yourself alone in Azeroth with our logo on your tabard:) Social events ranging from parties to contests to classic raiding nights are on the calendar. We have an active discord where all are welcome and that is usually where the insanity can be found.

Our goal remains to be a safe friendly place where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy end game content on whatever level they feel comfortable. We are a great place to get started... we are a great place to settle down....

TLDR: Raid DPS Needed and Socials Always Welcome!

My BattleTag is PrrettyKitty#21117 and my discord is PrrettyKitty#6112. If for some reason you can't reach me at those simply /who Bind øn Equip (with that nordic 'ø') and whisper an officer for an invite or more info!

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Last chance to get in on this madness before Antorus hits! If interested... please get in touch!

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need a mage?