A bit of a Whine

So, now I can transmog Shadowmourne and that’s great.
Too bad I can’t use it on the spec I really want to because they gave us lame allied races DKs instead of 2H Frost. So now, if I want to use Shadowmourne transmog I have to Unholy with this insufferable pet, or Blood that tickles enemies to death after about 500 years of fighting.

Once again they gave us garbage that nobody asked for.

did some1 say thund… hmm… ill leave you be

Yeah, please do. I really don’t want to get banned for telling you off for being a POS.

LMFAO, alright, this was pretty funny xD

They said no major changes to classes until Shadowlands so your best chance is then and not a patch for a lame expansion…

I’d rather suffer now in BFA and a lot more attention goes on SL so don’t give into despair quite yet but all in all I don’t think we will get 2h frost back any time soon

but it is and always will be an unholy dk weapon, anyone else using it, warrior, paladins, blood and frost dks, they are all fakes.

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