[A] Blood DK / Vengence DH LF SHC Guild

What I am looking for:

  • Raids in the late evening server time.
  • Dedicated raid group that brings flasks etc.
  • Eventual Mythic progress.
  • Raids preferably 2 nights a week.

What you can expect:

  • Competent player,
  • High attendence
  • Full buffs + Enchants.
  • Flexibility between DPS/Tanking (though I intend to MT).
  • Experienced tactic input from former RL from a former top 10 guild on Defias Brotherhood.

My experience:

  • Started playing in late BC on a complete toaster.
  • Began competently raiding during Naxx as a Blood (then dps) DK
  • Ended WotlK on a server second Sindragosa kill. as a holy paladin
  • Raided much more casually during Cata due to RL
  • Came back for MoP and raid led for Frostwolves [H] during SoO propelling a recently merged guild to server 7th ending on Blackfuse a kill and clearing Mythic Garrosh (then Heroic, as this right before the switch) in prepatch.
  • Raided on a much more casual basis during legion & onwards

My current accounts:
Blood DK ilvl 181
Vengence DH ilvl 154

  • all other tank capable classes at lvl 50.

Nativist-DefiasBrotherhood in game or
Lloyd#2338 on battle.net or
Lerrid#3393 on discord.

Do not reply to the thread, I may ocassionally rbump for visibility but will not be frequently checking it here, please contact me on the aforementioned Bnet/IG/Discord

Additional Info:
Possibility to bring along highly experienced Disc Priest + potentially more if required.

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