A Boost Channel?

So the rest of us can use the trade channel in peace?

There is a boost channel. Its /5 services


What? So I should report these suckers I guess.


Well if somebody is using /2 to spam boosts then yeah.


If the boosters are writing in trade(services) then they’re using the right channel and you can /leave and add the number of the channel

If they’re like the newcomer chat spammers that have been popping as of late report them, yes.

Alright good to know about the /5.

call it RMT channel instead.


In case you wanted to read the bluepost and FAQ

imagine how much power those rmt boosting groups have that blizzard had to give them a channel


RMT is not permitted, I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion.

Guilds and friends groups can boost for in game gold.

soooo your saying that those dudes that are yelling 15 hours of everyday for their boosting team are doing this for free or for ingame gold?
so you say their real life is not important?
none is stupid enough to spend all of the day just for this

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its all for money

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Are you saying that you expect the game to be full of angelic individuals where no one ever breaks the rules? Because boy do I have news for you.

RMT is against the rules. RMT is not permitted in WoW in general or in their Trade Services channel. The channel is for people boosting for gold who are a guild or a friend group.

RMT is a straight up account ban. You essentially brick your account.

Everything is explained in the FAQ I linked

your so angelic///
or you just acting like one.
your right but this much of rmt in wow is way way way biggerthan what it should be

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man its 2023 / most of people knows their time is not limitless.
they do this for money /

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I think you are being somewhat obtuse.

I have never claimed to be angelic and I’m well aware of how badly behaved the community can be. That does not mean that RMT is permitted in the game.

I have several friends who boost, they are all paid in in-game gold. This allows them buy services, sub time, shop items, expansions, other games etc etc.

That is not to say there aren’t dodgy third party websites advertising and being reported constantly. As soon as one account is banned a new one will pop up. This will never be allowed. Back when people started advertising in the group finder Blizzard were banning 1k+ accounts a day.

Just like every other action that happens in wow where people break the rules.

However I will leave you to it, I really can’t explain further how it all works.

i know rmt should not be in the game/
but a big number of % of wow players are doing it for real money.
your friends are so less than that %
/ blizzard knows everything.
i saw people sold millions of millions something like 300million and i talked to them in discord and in game.
but none of them got banned.

and i give you a simple proof .
go see the characters of those people in 2x4 groups.
most of them are low gear/
cant even write or understand english or chat.
its a workplace not an online game

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I will just say if you think you have proof of RMT you can report it to


they dont do anything i sent 10 gb video for them and record of their voice screen shots and ids/
i saw one of them after 2 years still doing the same /

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