[a] <but i love the fire> lf casual raiders/shadowlands prep

Region: Europe

Server: Ghostlands, Dragonblight, The Maelstrom, Deathwing, Karazhan and Lightning’s Blade.

Faction: Alliance

Raid Schedule: Tues 20:00-23:00 & Thurs 20:00-23:00 GMT - Shadowlands only.

But I love the Fire (BILTF) was founded in 2017 for a few real life friends but the guild never really took off outside of that. It’s safe to say that it really never amounted to much apart from a small community of people.

Roll forward 3 years including a successful year in Classic WoW where some of those friends cleared MC, ZG, BWL, AQ40 & AQ20 the anouncement of Shadowlands has once again enticed us all. Castle Nathria and Shadowlands on the outside looking like a beacon of everything we enjoy about WoW we now have the faintest of hope that we maybe able to pull enough togther to do some casual raiding, Mythic+ teams and progress through the PvE content.

We know Dragonblight is dormant or at worst dead; but that hope still remains that there is enough/honest players that are looking for a home in Shadowlands among like minded individuals.

We’re new to this recruitment piece but we have played WoW since its inception many years ago. We have some mains (not yet in the guild) who have 2.7-3.4K Mythic+ scores. We have Heroic and Mythic 8.3 content kills in other small guilds that failed to form enough like minded people to grow into a strong casual raiding guild. We understand that real life comes first and I myself have 3 young kids and a full time job, but we want to try and balance that real life commitment to the game that we all enjoy.

English speaking, friendly alliance guild on EU-Dragonblight with a discord channel and a guild bank setup.

You can find us in the Guild Finder section in-game.

Thank you for your time, But I love the Fire family.

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