[A-Casual] <The Conspiracy>

Hello and thank you for taking the time to consider us.


My wife and I are both 31 years old, expecting parents in January 2020 and playing together for 12 years.
We’ve been part of several guilds over the years, started very casual and ended up raiding 4 days a week.
When we tried out Rift back in 2011, we decided to pour our passion in our own guild.
We were quite successful and managed a guild with about 200 daily logins and 2 full raid teams for about 2 years straight.
In 2014 we came back to WoW to never leave again, but only as members of established guilds.


Now more then ever we fight the real life boss, making our time limited and even more precious.
Being a true casual is hard, I dare even say harder in some aspects then being a raider.
True casuals feel often overlooked.

We want to offer a guild without a true objective or goal.
A place to learn your first dungeon in, knowing that it is okay to ask directions when you tank for the first time.Or second.Or third.
A home that allows you to play 6 alts and never even enter any structured gameplay.
A haven for people who only squeeze a few hours in over the weekend, but love to see a guildchat to interact with.
A refuge from the real life boss without worries.

Our keywords are Respect, Patience and most of all Fun!

If this is something you feel related to, or just feel like checking us out, feel free to whisper anyone online of the guild or you can message Miguel, Tirinth or Skyrax ingame if you have any questions.

Hoping to see you soon,
Miguel, Guildleader of The Conspiracy.


My kind of guild - count me in! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

When people say they’re ‘casuals’ in the sense that they’re only raiding a few times a week and take several weeks to get to level 60, I feel like hiding under a rock… since I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get to 60, but I am definitely going to work on it… with too many chars as usual :stuck_out_tongue:
So yeah, this sounds good in my ears :smiley:


Sounds really good to me!

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Updated the guild’s membercount!

Shameless bump.

True casual guild, a home to everyone :slight_smile:

Been here a while, and loving it :slight_smile:

best guild on the server!

I joined before I saw this advert, if I had seen it first I would have been begging to join, along with all my other alts. I may be the last person in the guild to get a character to 60, but I never feel left out of the fun.

You wouldn’t happen to still be recruiting would you?
I’ve held off joining any guilds so far as I’m still not sure whether to “main” my rogue (48) or hunter (37), or knowing me, bouncing between them since I’m enjoying them so much :slight_smile:

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Just whisper a member in-game.

Do you still recruit?

How can I get recruited?

Hello, just returned fromover 6 months away. Looking for a guild that is friendly, relaxed and understanding when life gets in the way. Are you still accepting new members and are the names listed still the best to contact? Thanks.

If you are recruiting, could you update the contact info, as when i asked a guild member if one of the three names you mentioned (Miguel, Skyrax or Tirinth) was around, perhaps on an alt…they had no idea who i was talking about.

I wouldn’t waste my time with this guild.

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Feel free to whisper Taariel, Auraris, Tiaen or Casini in game

Taariel, GL of The Conspiracy