A Chance to Add Depth to Goblins

I’ve recently learned that we’ll be getting a story about Gazlowe inspiring the goblins of Undermine and possibly ushering in a cultural shift for the race. As someone who has enjoyed WoW’s take on goblins for years, I think this is a great opportunity to add some depth and complexity to them.

Whether you like goblins or not, we have to admit that they are kind of a caricature of themselves. Sure, they are the tech race for the Horde and it’s good that they have a recurring theme, but it’s usually the only thing they do. They are merchants, tinkers, and rarely anything else. This is a disservice to their lore and culture. Goblins are ruthless, cunning opportunists. They are smart, pragmatic and not very discerning about ethics. They could make some of the best rogues, warlocks and mages Azeroth could offer. Goblin shamans literally sign contracts with the elements to wield their powers. But these themes are never explored. Whenever I see a goblin NPC the first thing I think of is “what gadget is it this time?” I think a race as old as goblins deserves so much more, and the upcoming story is a great opportunity to diversify their portfolio. I know the small races are usually treated as comic relief, but goblins are as integral to Azeroth as humans and orcs.

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I’m not exactly against it, but to be honest, I don’t really think a few goblins thrown in for “representation” in some class content would make the race feel any different. Especially with you pointing towards classes that already pretty much act just like goblins would anyways. A smart, ruthless, cunning, greedy, pragmatic and unethical rogue or warlock you say? So… sounds like most rogues or warlocks. The goblin in their midst doesn’t stick out, he’d just be a part of the crowd.

And you might have the representation thing the other way around from how it works in the game. Goblins are mostly tech and trade, because the rest of the Horde aren’t, and any time these kinda important topics come up, they default to a goblin. And considering there are 24 different playable races around that all want their representation, it’s hardly a wonder that goblins lack it in other areas.

And if you’re asking for goblins in other positions instead of their current role, I don’t think I’d personally like that. That’d just undermine the stereotype that defines the race, since other races would be pushed into the tech&trade-role, since it would still be needed. Do that with enough things and we get a boring, homogenized mush where everyone can do everything equally well, and races are just cosmetics.

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It’s kinda funny tbh because in old lore the other races were technological just in their own ways. The taurens had some pretty neat stuff as did the trolls.

Now everything is goblin made, which should make them vital to the hordes continued existence but instead - despite lore to the contrary - they’re largely seen as inept joke race that appears for a cheap gag.

So yeah it would be nice to get some lore and forward momentum that gets them out of this rather unfortunate pegion hole. Cata should have done that but it more reinforced the problem.

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What is the point of having different races if they all share the exact same personality?

You don’t want depth you want everyone to behave the way Anduin does. Them behaving like a cliche of dystopian capitalists is exactly why their fans love them in the first place.

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