[A] <Chimera> 4/12 Mythic Nya. LF Raiders (DPS +1 Healer) & Casuals

About Us:

Our core group consists of ex hardcore raiders who simply dont have the time to raid 5+ nights a week anymore and have been Guild Members for 10+ years. Were a good bunch of people who love to raid & are looking for a few new members to join us. We are looking for solid timely progress without raiding too much and do include an alt raid throughout the week (as weve all got that 1 alt we love to play!)

What were looking for:

  • DPS of any class.
  • 1 Healer. Any class. Priest preferred.
  • Committed raiders who put the time in during the week to make sure your char is raid ready come the weekend.
  • Raiders who know their class and can perform at the requirements the Mythic level raids provide us.

Raiding Schedule:

  • We Raid 3 times a week:
    Fri - 2200 Realm Time (HC fun raid, alts and casuals welcome - not mandatory)
    Sat - 1430 - 1700 Realm Time (Mythic farm bosses)
    Sun - 1430 - 1700 Realm Time (Mythic progression)

What we provide:

  • A large community of like-minded friendly players
  • Discord for voice comms and multiple chat channels
  • Players to run 5 man mythic dungeons with
  • Regular weekend raids
  • Combatlogs which advice can be given on if requested

If your looking for a new online home with a lasting community then
Apply via contacting an Officer in game or reply to this thread

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