[A] <Chosen Few>

Well met everyone!

The Chosen Few is a 10 years old social guild on Bronzebeard/Aeriepeak with an active community since its birth.
We do Mythic Keystone Dungeons every Tuesday;
We do Eternal Palace Heroic Progression on Thursdays (and will start Ny’alotha next week);
Most voted events on Fridays (usually meta achievement runs or social events);
Island Expedition guild runs also of Fridays;

always in a relaxed and fun manner while at the same time trying to reach the highest rewards for every participant.

We have a request system that allows any member to get help when faced with a difficult quest or achievement or even just a fun idea for an event.

We welcome everyone who wishes to join us! Should you wish to do so or want to know more about us, you can ad Baffler#2100 and ask for it.

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