[A] Circle of Justice - Defias Brotherhood

The Circle of Justice is recruiting!

“Circle of Justice” is an Alliance PvE guild on Defias Brotherhood. We pride to be one of the oldest guilds on the server and we offer a light friendly and chill environment. Currently we seek new players interested in joining our ranks and to side with us in our adventure on Azeroth!

We are a very connected group of people playing not only warcraft but as well a variety of other games. We aim to recruit you, the player behind the character.

Our PvE side:
The Circle of Justice has a social-oriented raiding environment. Our main aim is to achieve the Heroic progression for each upcoming raid.
Each member of the guild is welcomed and invited to enjoy the social raid runs.
Social Raid schedule: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 / Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 (server time)

For those wishing to have a bit more, there is also the progression-oriented raid team. This is a more strict team aiming for a faster progression and a more synergistic environment. Once the social raid catches up with the progression team, the guild will aim for the mythic raid, mixing the social and the progressive groups.
Progressive Raid schedule: Monday 20:00 - 23:00 (server time)

If your are interested in joining us, or checking us out here are a few links:

Website: www.cojwow.com
Forum: https://forum.cojwow.com/index.php
Discord: https://discord.gg/M2t7PsZsp9

Officers’ contacts:
Moonbreaker - Bnet: Leftyx35B#2195 - Discord: Moon#0931
Desienna - Bnet: Desenna#2405 - Discord: Desienna#0350
Drae - Bnet: MeleeMedic#2478 - Discord: MeleeMedic#8901
Flemk - Bnet: Fenix#2197 - Discord: Fenix#1553
Cohlaz - Bnet: Ishantos#1193 - Discord: Cohlaz#3127
Dørkenduria - Bnet: Kenny#1634 - Discord: Endurion#4455
Kelinn - Bnet: KrazyKerd#2586 - Discord: KrazyKerd#8808

See you soon!

We offer free cookies!

With the new 9.2 patch coming soon, we are getting ourself in shape to raid again. We are looking for new members willing to join us to raid together both in our progress and social team.


The cookies are great! :heart_eyes:

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I am proud to announce few weeks ago the Circle of Justice managed to be ahead of the curve for both Crucible of the Storms and Battle for Dazar’Alor!

It was a great effort from all our members and we are extremely proud of this result. A big thanks to all those who took part!

Azshara will be the next!

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Going strong on Azshara!

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We are Recruiting now for DPS and TANKS for the coming Raid!

We also have…ROLEPLAY!
(Yes its still out there if you know where to look!)

Ongoing at the minute are:

Finding Flafy and Kelpto (Two missing gnomes)
The Missing Artefact (A titan relic/machine plot)
The Satyrs (A revenge fuelled hunt)
The Collector (A hunt of creatures for a yet to be uncovered purpose)
The Tanaris Trip ( To save a players wife, plot waiting to go due to so many other rp plots)
The Bramble Twins (Two mischievous pixie types, headed for trouble - again waiting to go)

So come join the team, be it for Raiding or Roleplay, we have much to offer!

Looking forward to your application soon!

About to head into heroic Ny’alotha! So far we had a smooth and chill normal run! Also, our progression team is about to start soon! ^^

And while we rest and gear up we enjoy some RP. I am very proud of our little RP group, loads of creativity and nice smooth events! :slight_smile:

Updated today. Circle of Justice did not recruit for a LONG time, but today is the day: we would love a couple of extra raiders, and welcome any person that fits and likes our style!

So if you are either a social player that wants to hunt achievements. Or you want to do some social but succesful HC raiding, or perhaps even a bit more… feel free to contact us!

Our website is still hopelessly outdated, but the discord sure is not!

Guild is still going strong but could do with some fresh blood to paint the Sepulcher of the First Ones’ walls as we head into Heroic Difficulty.

Razsageth? more like Razza-death! another curve done, the streak continues!