[A] <Clans of Khaz Modan> All Dwarf!

Fer Khaz Modan! Are ye lads still around?

Aye we are still around, although mostly in few numbers active at a time.
Yet we are still far from dead.

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Very pleasing tae hear. Hope tae see ye around!

Flies away on the dwarf-mobile

We are just getting back into the groove with RBGs and raids. I’d like to get back to running the Kharanos Mountainguard wPvP event as well!

Fer Khaz Modan!

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My favourite clan of Dwarves…I mean…if I liked any Alliance at all, that is. Always a delight to see your guild tag around.

With a surge in returners and a big recruitment drive we are rebuilding very quickly! Raids have started twice a week and wpvp events soon to start up as well! Please get in touch with any of the lads if your interested In joining our ranks. Safe travels!

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Under the Mountain dark and tall
The Dwarves have come from their hall!
The axe is sharp, the spear is long,
The bullet swift, the Gate is strong;
The Dwarves no more shall suffer wrong!
From caverns deep of Stone and Iron,
We come! We come!


Hey Hoo, Hei hoo!

Down the Mountain we mine,
until the depths lights in fire!
Up above the ore we carry,
where with pride virgins we marry!

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N’Zoth has fallen ta dwarvish hammers an’ axes!

12/12 heroic. Great job lads and lasses!

So my hunter is named Jaaz, my warrior Redbear does that fit your standing? Both of course are dwarfs, PvP I am not use to, simply because most of the time I play alone, but with a party I am ready to give a shot. I am on the Sporeggar server my battletag is JonathanMars#1370

Peace out and God bless.

A fine lad it seems!

Give me a shout out Kuba#1849 if you’d like ta join. Or contact any officer in game =]

Clans of Khaz Modan have delved into the Shadowlands!

6/10 on Castle Nathria, weekly mythic+ and bi-weekly RBG’s pushing rival ranking! If you’re interested in joining a bunch of hairy small lads and lasses, get in touch with myself or one of the other officers.

Fer Khaz Modan!


I can only encourage more dwarfs to join this clan.
Im here myself now for a month or two.
Never had some much joy playing the game with these people.
I’m a verry casual player, i’m not super active but these lads don’t care. You are one of them, if they see you once a week or every hour.
I highly suggest this guild, if you are having trouble finding a home. I found one, after so many.
Cheers lads, love you all.



Clans wins the dance-off with Council of Blood - 7/10! Sludgefist next!

Fer Khaz Modan!

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Sludgefist and Stone Legion Generals crumble in quick succession! 9/10

Friday Denathrius goes down - get in touch if you want to join our ranks!

Fer Khaz Modan!

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Denathrius down! Normal cleared!
1k7 RBG team!

Get in touch if you would like to join our ranks!

Fer Khaz Modan!

Highest ranked Ally guild on the server in RBGs! Mighty proud of you lads :hammer_and_pick:

Bump! Join us today!

Join the Clans! Who knows, perhaps we’ll start roleplaying again :smiley:

Clans of Khaz Modan is a really nice bunch of people! I wasn’t planning on joining a guild as my schedule doesn’t allow a lot of raidcontent, etc but nevertheless I feel very much at home there and the genereal vibe is really freindly and grown up. I’ve manged to overcome my pvp anxiety thanks to these guys and am now really enjoying it. If you are a dwarf who likes roleplay and have some great company while playing the game i highly recommend joining.