<A> Classic Experiance recruiting

is now recruiting!

we aim to have fun in raids and still have progression
we value the community we have build up where we help eachother and have fun ingame or on discord.

Most of us are old Vanilla players and have raided on all kinds of levels.
we are a multilanguage Guild with people from all corners of Europe.
we speak english in raids And on Discord.


  • 8/8 Blackwing lair
  • 10/10 Molten Core
  • 1/1 Onyxia’s Lair

Raid Schedule

  • Wednesday 20:00ST - 23:00ST AQ20
  • Thursday 20:00ST - 23:00ST AQ40
  • Sunday 20:00ST - 23:00ST BWL

Currently Recruiting:

we are currently open for any class.

  • 2 Rogues
  • 1 Resto Druid
  • 1 Feral Druid DPS/Tank
  • 2 Holy priests
  • 1 Shadow priest
  • 2 Hunters

Join our discord for more info:

or ingame for more info:
/W GM:Be
Natsuka, Tootthy, Fatmac, Sonnas, Remotic, Moonmelody

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