(A) <Composure> 10/10 HC, 1/10 M recruiting for mythic Nathria and beyond

Composure was created with the inception of Shadowlands by a handful of friends, with a rich history in raiding, but who also now have obligations outside of the game.

Our focus as a guild is to progress steadily (and quickly, if possible) through all current Heroic content and spend the majority of our raiding hours in Mythic.

We are looking for capable, mature & fun-loving players to join our competitive roster, whilst also being able to fully indulge in the Discord banter. An ideal applicant would be 18+.

:spiral_calendar: Raid days & times:

We strongly believe that a 3-day raiding week is a great balance between raiding too much and simply not enough - as such, Wed/Thur/Sun are our designated days, between the hours of 20:00 - 23:00 (server time).

:speaking_head: What does the guild provide:

The guild environment in Composure offers a place for players of a like-minded approach to the game to flourish and really feel at home. During raid hours, we like to take a calm but serious approach to the game, in an attempt to maximise the reasonably small amount of time spent within the raid.

Outside of raiding hours, there are always people forming groups for M+ keys of all ability ranges - as well as people simply chatting away in Discord and playing other games with our members.

:boom: What does the guild expect:

We have a number of in-game expectations, as well as some general sociable expectations so that our members are able to all get along:

  • Ability to use and understand Simcraft/Raidbots
  • Willingness to show up to raids with enough consumables for the night (tomes, flasks, food, weapon oils, potions, etc…)
  • A solid raid attendance - but also the ability to communicate to an officer that you may miss a raid (which isn’t a big deal)
  • Ensure you are using the appropriate talent build for the current progress fight
  • A working microphone & willingness to be vocal over Discord
  • A positive, thoughtful approach to the game and the other players within the raid group
  • Ability to receive and act upon constructive criticism where necessary
  • Capable of giving and taking banter between pulls. If you’re easily offended, we might not be the guild for you.
  • Prior mythic experience is a massive :heavy_plus_sign:

:trophy: Our current class/spec demands:

:shield: Tanks:

Currently in no need of a tank, but any exceptional players (who are particularly effective at communicating via Discord) would be heavily considered.

:blue_heart: Healers:

Our healing roster is massively lacking both a Holy Paladin & Restoration Shaman - All other exceptional healers would be considered.

:bow_and_arrow: Damage Dealers:

Our DD roster is actively recruiting an exceptional Affliction Warlock, Fire Mage, Unholy DK, Windwalker Monk & Elemental Shaman.

:round_pushpin: Contact us:

If Composure sounds like a guild you would be interested in joining, feel free to contact our raid leader/GM, Kryces (Raziel180#21680) via battle.net

It is worth noting that when discussing a potential trial period within the guild, all applicants will be asked for logs as to assess their prior performance.

Composure is looking for a Holy Paladin and a resto shaman, and DPS for Heroic and Mythic Raiding!

Contact Kryces (Raziel180#21680 ) via battle.net to apply today!

Hi there! i have 2 characters Sageforest - Character (worldofwarcraft.com) and Sagesong - Character (worldofwarcraft.com). Im looking for a guild who is raiding 3 days so if you are interest let me know. Thanks

Hi there, I am experienced Balance druid, who’s currently looking for M raiding guild.
My exp in current tier is 10/10HC 2/10M.