[A] <Countdown> is recruiting!

About us:
We’re an English speaking guild, and one of the 3 official guilds born out of the community surrounding the Countdown 2 Classic podcast by Josh Corbett. You should try listening to it if you haven’t already. We’re a mature group, most of us with kids that need to be put to bed before raiding, which our raid-times reflect.

There’s plenty of space for real life, kids, wives, husbands, jobs, studies with us.

We’re a friendly, helpful and experienced group who pride ourselves in keeping the community first. PvE is our main focus at the moment, but groups often form for PvP on non-raid nights.

MC 10/10
Onyxia 1/1

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 21:00 to 00:00 server time .
Invites start at 20:30 and we move out as a group at 20:45 to ensure we can get to the instance relatively easy.

Loot System:
We’re using EPGP to distribute loot.


  • Able to join our discord server and communicate on voice-chat.
  • Experience from vanilla or p-servers is a plus, but definitely not a requirement.
  • Attending most raids - but there is currently no min. attendance-requirement.
  • Good understanding of your class - but we have class leads to help guide you in the right direction.
  • Level 60 (or close) and with relevant attunements; MC and Onyxia. We can help if you’re close.
  • Mature and easy-going attitude to guild-mates and strangers alike. - Don’t worry if you haven’t farmed you pre-raid BiS.

Currently needing the following specs/classes:

  • 2 Holy or Discipline Priests
  • 1 Rogue

Join our discord if have any questions or message Eleanor in-game.

Discord-code: vXmnDgC

We look forward to hearing from you.

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