[A] <Critical Hit Squad> recruiting for cataclysm! (10man primary Fun Squad)

Hey, lads and gals!

GM of CHS here, we’re a newly formed guild (been active throughout Wotlk but under another name, we’re aiming to make an intimate 10-man squad for Cataclysm that should be capable of clearing all content before next is released! we’re also a “dad” guild in that we’re not hardcore whatsoever, but we would like for people to be reasonable and engaged in whatever they’re doing!

What’re we offering?
-Mature environment
-Active discord voice
-Positive atmosphere but at the same time with a lot of banter and humor
-2 days a week of raiding
-once on farm we’ll hopefully cut it down to 1 or 1.5 days of raiding a week.

What we expect
-Leveling done in a timely manner, we’d like to start raiding as early as possible in cata.
-Reasonable understanding or willingness to learn one’s main class/s
-That you’re mature
-You’re engaged in the community that we’re aiming to build, (it doesn’t have to be like actively writing, but partaking somewhat is expected)

Lastly, loot distribution hasn’t been decided on yet, and raid days ain’t set in stone either.

Contact me here or in game via battlenet.

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