(A) Cross Server Community

Hello Aggramar/Hellscream players, with our server being less than favourable we’ve created Vision of the Phoenix, a cross server community currently recruiting for mythic progression.

We are looking for a Monk and Ranged, anyone however is welcome to apply. We raid Sunday and Wednesday from 20:30 to 23:00. We also run keys most days but host a specific night for everyone to get together on a keystone Monday. We are 10/10 heroic and hitting Mythic now the Hall of Fame is complete.

Why are we recruiting?

We are a “social” raiding community, which essentially means if you can’t make it for whatever reason, thats fine. We have managed to strike a perfect balance between progression, fun and availability. Are you looking to raid high end content but can’t commit to the raid days 100% of the time? Whether it be night shift, or kids we have it all and with us it doesn’t matter, we take anyone we have to heroic and for mythic we run a bench rotation (only a few at a time). This means those who are there day in day out will get the vast majority of the content and those who can’t make every raid day will still get to have fun playing the game with friends in our community. We have been described as “sweaty casuals” trying to get the most out of the game that we can with the time we have.

I know everyone advertises “chill vibes” and we’re no different, we are aged roughly between 25-35 and we have members of many nationalities all of whom are interactive members. We wind each other up on farmed content and then focus hard on the progression and have struck a great balance.

We want good progress and good fun, without the fear of being dropped if you go on holiday for a week or cant make a certain night. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please add Kiwi#2815 or Dorjie#2497 to your battle tag friends list and ask any question or apply.

Thanks for reading.

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