[A] Crossrealm Mythic BoD


Hi all!

Next reset, we will see the release of Cross-realm Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor. I’ve spoken with quite a few friends and ex-guildies of mine who are scattered across the realms, and we’ve decided to take on the task of doing this together and creating an in-game community to do so.

We’re actively seeking players who are interested in doing this, and our goal will be to hit the full 9/9M. The majority of us have Mythic experience, and are either CE or close to it, so re-progressing will be both fun and easy for us and we can also help out those players who haven’t got as much experience as us in this raid tier.

Needless to say, we are looking for players who have some Mythic experience or are Heroic raiders and have the capability (we will analyse personal logs) of doing Mythic raid content.

Our raid nights will be decided as soon as possible via a poll on our Discord.

If you are interested, then please join our Discord using the following Discord invite code:


Our aim will be to build a team of around 25-30 active players so we can afford to give players breaks, bench some players and have extra nights later on in the tier (if need be).

Any questions, leave a comment below!

Many thanks.


Joined a few days ago, very promising so far but we need more people! Get in there :slight_smile:


Bump! Started to generate some significant interest, and are actively looking for more players to join us!