[A] Dark Portal Monkeys 2/8m LFM

Dark Portal Monkeys is looking for Healers and a few exceptional DPS players to round out or roster for Mythic Uldir

What to expect from us:
- 2-Raids per week (Wednesday and Sunday from 8PM ST - 11PM ST).
- A stable leadership team and raid leader
- A guild that had a very good reputation and is well recognised, something we want to build again!

What we would like from you:
- Mature players who are patient and will not shy away from wiping.
- Players who have a good understanding of their class and spec, and if not are willing to learn!
- To give 100% effort, we can’t ask for anymore.
- People who are willing to make DPM a home. We have always had a strong community spirit!
Updated info for Antorus
Updated to include LF Tank
Updated progress
Goodluck with recruitment! Friendly bump