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Death Before Progress

We are a group of like minded players, many of whom opted to stay together after our previous guild was closed. Our aim is that our members experience all the content that WoW has to offer at a relaxed pace and above all make new friends and enjoy this game in a stress-free environment.

We run weekly mythic + keys, tend to hang out a lot in discord chatting and indulge in casual raiding a couple of times a week, as a guild we are now 12/12 heroic Ny’alotha and have decided to dip our toes into mythic raiding just recently with a rather successful 2/12 on our first try, however, we are struggling like many other guilds no doubt with the 20 man requirement for mythic, our heroic raiding team do not hit these number and that’s where you possibly come in. While of course we can fill our team with pugs by posting our runs in looking for group we would much rather run with other like minded players that perhaps want a taste of mythic raiding without all the issues general pugging can sometimes bring.

What you’ll need:

• At least 470 ilvl overall

• At least lvl 80 neck with all 4 essences at rank 3

• Rank 15 cloak

• Minimum of 50k dps

• Know mythic tactics

Be prepared and come with food, flasks and any other buffs like pre-pots etc you feel you will need.

If you are unable to meet the requirements, we will do our best to help you get there with mythic+ dungeon runs & if you need help with visions to upgrade your cloak, speak up and we’ll see what we can do!
Above all though you will need to understand and be on board with the ethos of our guild - We do not tolerate toxic players, we support and encourage each other. Mistakes will be made, accept it and move on.

If you would like to join us you can whisper anyone in game who will point you in the right direction or use the contact details at the bottom of this page and while we would encourage people to join the guild we would also be interested in hearing from you if you are happy in your current guild but would perhaps like to join us just for the weekly mythic raiding experience, this is also something that could possibly be arranged.

Monday - Mythic Raiding 8.30pm - 11pm

Tuesday - Mythic + runs 8.30pm - Finish

Thursday - Heroic Raiding 8.30pm - 11pm

Friday - Mythic+ runs 8.30pm - Finish

Kariin/Elaryn - Kilrogg

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