[A] <Death Before Progress>

A chilled guild who aim to create a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere for people to enjoy the game at a slower pace while still seeing all the game has to offer. We run weekly mythic + keys and indulge in casual raiding a few times a week, as a guild we are now 10/10 normal Castle - 9/10 heroic.

We enjoy welcoming new players to raid and run mythics with just be on board with the ethos of our guild - We do not tolerate toxic players, we support and encourage each other. Mistakes will be made, accept it and move on.

Monday - Heroic Raiding 8.30pm - 11pm

Thursday - Heroic Raiding 8.30pm - 11pm

Friday - Mythic+ runs 8.30pm - Finish

We are especially interested in a Tank wanting to raid on a regular basis

Wrenn - Kilrogg

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