[A] <Death is Hereditary>

We’re a semi-casual brand new Shadowlands guild formed by a group of portuguese friends.

We’re a mature and english speaking guild that will adapt to the demands of our players and will listen to them in order to follow the right growing path.

As guild we’re currently running over some dungeons, heroics, mythics and mythics+ while gearing up and recruiting new members in order to estabilish a good raiding team.

We want to maintain a mature and relaxed vibe, playing while having a beer with the aim to go progress through the end-content. If you think this is the guild for you, we’re more than happy to welcome you in.

Regarding spots, we’re considering all kinds, but we’re mainly looking for new healers and dps.

Whisper me (Houchic) or Fullytall for more info.
BattleTags: SleepyDragon#21152 FulanoTal#2961

Help us grow and let’s grow together.


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