[A] Defenders of Valor 10/10 HC is recruiting


Defenders of Valor is a long standing guild originating from Al’Akir WoW-launch days.
Since “Mid-Legion” we reside on Ravencrest and enjoy ourselves here.
As many of those old term players are still around, our memberbase is mostly around 30+ of age and varies from all parts of the EU (even those islanders to the north).
-) Main/Raid Language is english.
-) Raid times are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays from 20:00- 23:00 server time.
-) Our main goal is clearing the current raid content on Heroic difficulty, Mythic is just a plus.
-) Raidsignups are done via ingame calendar
-) Voicecom of choice is discord.

Currently we have the following spots open in our roster:


1 - 2 Healer:
Disc Priest, Paladin, Shaman and/or Monk

Hunter, DK, Mage, Monk, Shaman (elemental)


-) Exceptional applications will always be taken into consideration, be it for raiding or social spots
Above you can read which class/spec combo has the highest chances.

-) If you are looking for a place to hang around and do a couple of m+, the odd
pvp “thing” and not raid, we may be able to offer social spots on a limited basis.

Feel free to contact an officer ingame or via discord for a chat.




Goldnspirit#2157 ← Guildmaster
Twalot#2916 ← Officer
Tautvydas#2702 ← Officer
Chuckstag#2239 ← Officer
Anelya#2209 ← Officer


https:// discord.gg/h4Ta9uSUP2

Bumped for updated post.

Sligthly updated and still looking for more people.

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