[A] DH Havoc LFGuild - Happy To Transfer

Hi there!

History first - I started WoW back during Vanilla and played right through until MoP. I skipped WoD, Legion and most of BFA but I got back into a couple of months ago and after playing through a few specs and classes I’ve landed on Havoc DH.

Since I left in MoO I’ve never experienced Mythic dungeons or anything like that so I’d like to find a guild who fields teams for normal raid content so I can gear and eventually make my way to Heroic and maybe even Mythic.

I have discord, know my class and rotation and have key bound all 4 of my attack skills lol so I learn content pretty quickly.

I’m on Silvermoon now but I’d happily move to another server. Ideally I’d like to raid twice a week Sunday - Thursday as my weekends can be a little busy.

I’m not asking for a boost or hand outs, I’d like to grind their the tiers to get the gear I need to advance.

So hopefully I can find a guild to settle down with, already bought Shadowlands so I’m here for the long term again.

Hi Mate,

Welcome back to the game! - Are you set on playing alliance, or would you be interested in playing horde?

We are a 3/8 Mythic 8/8 Heroic guild, looking for DPS to help strengthen our roster. We do mythic + through the week and help out members of the guild to gear up for raid.

We are called - “Order of Immortal Dawn” and are based on Horde - Draenor. We raid Wednesday and Sunday - 7:45PM - 11:00PM ST.

Feel free to add me on bnet if this interests you and we can talk - CraigAddison#2706


Look no further, we got you covered. Please check our recruitment post here.

Please add me in discord for a chat as EvilDonutMan#8970.

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Hey Seergore

If you’d be interested in getting into mythic raiding, please add me for a chat - tricky#2757

Look forward to hearing from you.


We might be what you want.
We are casual in schedule, but willing to raid twice a week in a positive atmosphere.
And, we’re on Silvermoon :slight_smile:
Check us out :

Cya soon,