[A] <Diffraction> Recruiting!

Greetings everyone!

is a newly formed guild created by dedicated and helpful players, currently building a solid roster to raid in 8.3 and beyond (7/12HC with semi guild runs)

»We’re recruiting semi-hardcore players, looking to raid 2 nights a week (schedules atm is 19:30-21:30 days are still being set) with other social events (alt raids, world pvp, etc)
»We’re looking for all classes, with a high demand for DPS! Socials are more than welcome too!

What we ask of you - Class knowledge, dedication and patience with the guild’s progression! (sarcasm and dark humor are big bonuses)

What we offer - Helpful and chilled out community aiming high but with patience. All the help you need if you’re dedicated to our progression team. WE ARE FAR FROM BEING ELITISTS, our goal is to create a solid community capable of doing all levels of content.

If you’re interested and want to have a chat contact me

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