[A]<Divine Edge> 3/8 Mythic Uldir

(Kerönk) #1
Divine Edge is an old raiding guild that has been amongst the top 15 raiding guilds on Quel'Thalas since Wrath. We raid three times a week with a relaxed raiding atmosphere, which has kept us progressing and defeating the final bosses of every tier (most occasions on the hardest current difficulty). We are currently looking to bolster our roster for BFA and eventually expand more into Mythic content. We are also always willing to accept social applications.

Progress & Info
3/8 Mythic + 8/8 HC Uldir.
We raid 3 nights a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 20:45 - 24:00 server time, with Sundays being social/alt raids when current content is on farm.
We use Discord as our voice communication tool, however a mic is not needed (but it is recommended).

Current Recruitment
We are currently looking for exceptional ranged DPS to bolster our ranks, but all classes and roles will still be considered. The specific classes we are recruiting are listed below:
Death Knight: Limited (DPS)
Demon Hunter: Limited (DPS)
Druid: Open (DPS)
Hunter: Open (Marks/BM)
Mage: Open
Monk: Limited (DPS)
Rogue: Limited
Paladin: Closed
Priest: Open (DPS)
Shaman: Open (DPS)
Warlock: Open
Warrior: Open (DPS)

What We Expect From You
Since our current focus is progressing and expanding our mythic raiding, we are looking people with a positive raiding mentality, who is prepared for raids and continuously looking for ways to improve their performance. We expect for you to turn up to at least 2 of the raids each week. Raiding experience is desired (especially current content), along with activity and commitment to our current raiding schedule and towards the guild in general. We also require you to understand English.

What You'll Get From Us
Progression through current content with regular raiding and a friendly atmosphere. We also provide raiders with guild repairs, of which the amount increases depending on your raiding commitment.

Feel you fit the criteria or have a few questions? Then feel free to contact me on battle.net (Keronk#2990) or any of our officers online for more information.

(Kerönk) #2
Updated our recruitment for BFA.

(Hardkhore) #3
im interested

(Kyzahr) #4
I am Interested.
I can play Vengeance as well, so if there is need for an additional Tank i can fill it.

(Memes) #5
ugh alliance :/

(Kerönk) #6
Updated recruitment - we're looking for ranged dps only for now (with one or two exceptions).

(Nadroj) #7
Hey Keronk,

Would i be able to speak with you in-game? looking for a guild for the expansion but wouldn't be immediate raiding, would be more of a social position to start off with :)


(Damielf) #8
Hi, is it possible for me to join?

(Kerönk) #9
Recruitment has been updated - we're only looking for ranged dps.

(Sadboi) #10
Have a spot for a BM hunter?

(Kerönk) #11
Updated recruitment - we're looking for another healer and possibly another ranged dps (raiding experience required and roles above).

(Kerönk) #12
Updated progress and recruitment - we're looking for one more strong healer and experienced ranged dps!

(Stáàr) #13
Are you still looking for anything?

(Kerönk) #14
Opened up recruitment again for mythic progression (shown above) - we're looking for ranged dps with experience (at least 7/8 HC) and ability (logs will be looked through).

(Kerönk) #15
Zek'voz down on mythic!

(Kerönk) #16
Updated recruitment again for mythic progression - we're only looking for ranged dps with raiding experience currently.