[A] Dragon Legion is recruiting!

[A] Dragon Legion| EPGP | All on farm – 54 min BWL.

The Guild
Dragon Legion was originally founded on Zenedar-EU and reformed for Classic here on Razorgore!
We are a friendly and sociable bunch and like to approach the game with a more laid-back attitude, but we require our member to be attentive and prepared for raids.

Our Goal
Our goal is creating a fun and friendly environment to experience all Classic raiding content, all the way through Naxxaramas and Kel Thuzad.

We are currently recruiting
1 Holy Pala
1 Resto druid
All other classes can apply too!

Raid Schedule
Thursday evening
Sunday afternoon
We currently clear all raids on Sunday – Plus 1 guild ZG every reset.
With Phase 5 we plan to clear MC+BWL on Thursday and AQ40 on Sunday.

Loot System
We use EPGP a system that ensures fair loot distribution to all members. More details on how it works here http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system.

For more information contact us on discord or in-game Ringil (Delirio#0471) / Laila (Laila [Dragon Legion]#9420)

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