[A] <Dreamfold> Established, looking for a few

[A] - Dreamfold

Please see below for recruitment status

General Info

  • We play for fun and promote a positive atmosphere where people can joke about but still play to a decent level.

  • We will be doing all content, have unique mini events and mass events in the future.

  • Our core leadership has Vanilla & TBC experience both leading, being realm first and glad PvP experience – but we are not a hardcore guild by any margin.

  • We are happy to play with any kind of player, so if you’re new or a veteran you’re welcome.

  • We use discord and have an attractive and functional website

  • We try to follow the Red = Dead policy, the horde need to know their place!


  • 9-12pm Servertime, Wednesday & Sunday.

  • We prefer people who can go outside of these days and hours (if ever required) but it is not at all mandatory so don’t let it put you off joining, it won’t necessarily affect you. In future we may need extra days.


  • It’s a reward for consistency and we believe in a simple approach which is easy to understand and interpret, whilst still leaving the feel-good factor of when something drops.

  • We use a DKP like system so things are largely self run giving equal opportunity and some choice in your wants. We always reserve the right to override this should it be clearly needed.


We welcome all applications but see below for key spots. Please message a member in game who will point you to our website.

  • Welcoming ANY Class Application at the moment!
  • Paladin (not spec specific)
  • Druids (Resto and Feral)
  • Warlock (maybe)
  • DPS Warrior (maybe)

Thank you for reading, see you in game :smiley:


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