[A] Druid LF raiding guild

Edit: let’s try this again on a non wow classic character!!

Afternoon, I’m looking for a guild that raids a day a week and is currently on heroic raid content.

The one day a week thing is simply due to IRL - I can often find time to do the odd M+ but I don’t have much flexibility for more than a single raiding night.

I’m currently 6/10 on heroic - I’ve dabbled with Council, Sludge and STG on castle but not been present for the kills (current guild raids 3 nights a week).

I’ve done a reasonable number of M+10 also on my druid and don’t mind Tanking as needed.

My druid is ilevel 209 Restro & Balance
I love me some Feral (205 ilevel!) But it’s hard finding groups who want a melee druid :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to reach out on this thread and we can organise contact in-game/discord.

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