[A] <Dubious Longboi> 2 day raiding guild - 9/10 HC

Dubious Longboi

Filthy casual raiding guild for people with a real life that takes time.

Faction: Alliance

Server: Ravencrest (EU)

Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, 2000-2300 ST

Recruiting: Looking for several DPS spots, mostly ranged. Ultimately, anyone is welcome and we take non-raiding members too that just want a good group to play with, so feel free to join!

We’re an active guild on EU-Ravencrest looking for members ready for 9.1. We have 9/10 HC SoD and 10/10 Normal SoD.
In Castle Nathria we did 10/10 HC and 1/10 M. We are looking to get Curve each raidtier with any bosses downed on mythic as a bonus. We have active Mythic Plus pushers, optional social nights, transmog runs, and more! We almost always have some kind of activity going on.

PS: We also welcome any Pvpers, socials and m+ players into our ranks.

You can reach us at: https://discord.gg/GXRq9dX5Fj Or you can message: Matsmeister#2220, Whompratt#2109 or Akarillon#2268.

Still recruiting!

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