[A] Easy - 9/10 HC 1/10 MY Recruiting

We are currently recruiting Healers and a DPS Monk.

We are a stable raiding guild for adults that has been raiding consistently for 15 years achieving Curve in all recent tiers.

Our current progress is 9/10 heroic in Sanctum of Domination and we are looking for more players to join our team.

We’re a perfect fit if you’re looking for a guild that can offer you:

  • The challenges of Heroic raiding in a large community that has been actively raiding for 15 years.
  • A family style environment with many members knowing each other a decade or more.
  • Heroic and eventually Mythic raiding each tier.
  • A stable community of friendly and helpful people
  • IRL meet ups every couple of years (except during Covid)
  • An active Discord server to stay in touch with guildies when not in-game.

We require our applicants to:

  • Be 20+ years old
  • Be able to raid a minimum of twice a week (21:00-23:30 Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/Monday)
  • Speak English on a communicative level
  • Possess adequate knowledge of his/her class

For more details visit http://www.wow-easy.net ,
or contact Icharus, Kossian, Bóne or Vaelarium in game.

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