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Guild < Echo > is trying to recruit more people for Dragonflight!

  • History: Our guild was created February of 2012 as a closed Bulgarian community. We had active roster participating in both PvE and PvP. During Cataclysm we’ve managed to clear all the raids on Heroic dificulty as well as some members achieving high rating in RBGs/Arenas, including HoTAs and Gladiator titles. During MoP the guild grew, however the focus was changed from “hardcore” to a more “casually” orientated. We’ve managed to clear some of the raids, but mostly we were focused on PvP and Challenge modes. We’ve had several grps achieving gold in all challenge modes including again Gladiators among our teams. During WoD our guild started to decline and eventually after failing to clear more than 1 boss on Mythic difficulty and no challenge modes we had to merge with another Bulgarian guild that transferred to our realm and were direct competition for the guild’s growth. With the merge < Echo > was no more and < Six Hundred Eighty First > was born.

  • Present: Currently our guild is really small, but we would like to change that in the near future. We’ve decided to move from closed Bulgarian community to an international one. Our goal is to create big community with friendly people to play with.

  • Future: Our future plans are as follows:

  • Short-term goals:

  1. Spread our message and reach as much people as possible
  2. Actively recruit people as much as possible.
  3. Form a strong leadership team that will help us maintain the guild.
  4. Create a guild “Discord” server which will serve as a social hub for our community.
  • Mid-term goals:
  1. Forming stable groups for both PvE and PvP related content
  2. Recruiting enough people so the guild does not feel “dead” ( e.g. the guild chat should be flowing )
  • Long-term:
  1. Reach our goal of creating a big community.
  2. Maintaining chill and fun enviroment for all members to enjoy.
  3. Maintaining a semi-hardcore PvE and PvP groups with dedicated members and leaders.

N.B. - What semi-hardcore means - clear all heroic content within the season ( not neceseraly on week 1 ) and gaining high rates in both RBGs and Arenas ( again not on week 1 )

In conclusion, the guild is currently recruiting the following:

  1. Social people to hang out with
  2. Serious PvE and PvP players
  3. Class leaders, officers and PvP/Raid leaders

If what you’ve red so far intrests you, please contact me via in game: Bellacqua - Sylvanas, my btag: Theseus#2385 or my discord: Animassacre#0875. Make sure you specify what type of content/role you are intrested in.

Thank you for reading the post all the way!

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