(A) EliteFour - Casual guild looking for more members!

< EliteFour > is a casual guild looking for awesome people to come join our little circle of friends.

Are you a parent or adult with limited play time (or have other real life commitments that limit your availability) and want to experience end game WoW?
Or maybe you just want to run keys away from toxic pug’s?
Are you a patient player who wants to have some fun?
Do you have a good sense of humour, capable of laughing at yourself and want to make new friends If so, come join us!

We formed just before 9.1, with the aim to raid Twice a week in the future!, We are a small group of friends some stream over on twitch. We also run plenty of M+ during the week, Transmog runs, time walking and other social events.

We’re a mix of long term casual players, new players and veteran mythic raiders blowing off steam. Ladies, Gentlemen, Adults, Youngsters, Spouses etc. With a Zero toxicity and drama tolerance.

If you’re interested you can contact me on BNET: instinct#2102 or Discord (preferred): gaffro94#5257

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