[A] Elysium open raiding for everyone - 22/12 Onyxia

Elysium’s weekly Onyxia run.
Sunday 22/12 - 20:00

Who are we?
Elysium is a guild on the Alliance side. Our motto is casual raid times, but hardcore raids. We cater for players who don’t put progress/epics before real life and friendships, but who still wish to participate in a top raiding guild.
Elysium was founded on 30 August 2006 on the Retail WoW server Hellscream-EU. We concluded raiding in the summer of 2010 at the end of Wrath of the Lich King.

Currently we are too few in numbers to raid, but we still want to go back to the ‘Golden days’ of raiding in classic. That’s why we’re looking for likeminded people to join our forces in defeating these raids.

Who are you?
Dinged 60 not too long ago, did instances and don’t know where to start raiding?
Your own guild is too small to do raids, but you still want to get the full Classic experience?
Missed your own guild’s weekly Onyxia raid and still want to go?
Never been to Onyxia or have been there dozen of times?
We’re looking for you! All we ask is that you follow our motto; That means you’ve come prepared. You’ve repaired your gear, are online on time and watched the boss fight a few times. Bring elixirs and potions relevant to your class, no need to go overboard, bring what you can spare.

Loot rules
Loot is distributed by roll, so everyone has a chance for loot even if this is your first time with us.
Patterns, crafting materials and BoE’s are reserved for the guild bank.
Elysium also uses a DKP system, but seeing this is our first classic raid as a guild, no one has DKP yet.

Loot rules in future raids
You can bid DKP by modifying your roll. For example: /roll 50-100 --> This makes you bid 50 DKP.
If multiple people do /roll 100, the item is bid on. Only the person winning the item loses DKP.
Everyone earns DKP, even if you’re not in our guild. This increases the chances of you winning loot you really want the more you go on raids with us.
Bosses in MC are worth 5 DKP, while Onyxia and Ragnaros are worth 20. DKP is awarded after a raid, so you cannot use DKP gained during the raid.

Signing up for the raid
Signing up is easy, go to our raid calendar and sign up as a guest. Please add your spec in the raid note. The raid signup closes one hour before the raid.
http:// elysiumguild .co.uk/dkp/index.php/Calendar/Calendarevent/Onyxia-2.html
For more information, feel free to contact any Elysium officer in game or visit our forums

Can I join Elysium?
Yes, yes you can! Please visit our forums for more info.
Elysium members get priority when signing up for raids and receive double the DKP our guestraiders do.
elysiumguild .co.uk

See you soon!

Benzona, officer of Elysium

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