[A] Ember - looking for quality DPS

Ember is currently recruiting Fury warriors / Rogues / Mages to add to our core for BWL in the new year.

Are you fed up of carrying Pug’s or your guild? Does it annoy you that half your guild are meme/pvp specs, still in greens and not using consumes, or don’t have the time to raid every week? Are you still looking for your home to be able to enjoy all of classic? If so, Ember could be the guild for you!

Ember is a quality raiding guild that expects to clear all classic raid content in a time and real life efficient manner. Primary raids will be Wednesday 19:30-22:30ST (and Thursday if needed for progress), with chill sunday for older raid content in the future. Ember already has a strong core of quality players, and want to expand on it to aim for a genuine group of 40 raiders who know how and want to raid well. Leadership is experienced, and we know what is needed to clear AQ40/Naxx in the future. We are committed to making sure we are ready as a guild for the challenges to come.

Ember will have an active premade BG group to help people rank, with several members aiming for R13/14 in the future, an alt raid with a friendly guild in the new year, and an active player base who enjoys doing dungeons and playing the game.

If you are interested in joining, /w Fufia or Fufina in game or ask a member for our discord or an officer and we can talk to you about the guild and if it is the right place to enjoy classic for you.

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