[A] Equinox - Darksorrow


Equinox is currently recruiting all roles to expand our current raiding roster to progress further in end game content and prepare for the next raiding tier.


  • We are currently looking for all classes and roles
  • We are also open to taking on group applicants

We currently raid 2 days per week

  • Thursday 20:00 to 22:15
  • Monday 20:00 to 22:15

Successful applicants will require the following

  • Full knowledge of the class you play and how to maximise your performance
  • Full understanding of the English language
  • Fully gemmed and enchanted gear
  • Knowledge of encounters and the self motivation to seek out information on fights
  • Fully functioning voice communication through discord
  • Bringing all food and flasks required for the raid

You can apply by talking to us in game

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