[A] <Eternal Damnation> We are EDN!

Newly forged guild which will survive for years to come.

We are Eternal Damnation
Alliance Guild - Defias Brotherhood

We have a very happy small community which all enjoy Warcraft together.
If your a seasoned veteran or a new player we have a place for you here.

We run Mythic Dungeon’s everyday various difficulty levels.

As a guild we have just started to raid - we have experience within the guild and plan on full Heroic Clear’s while trying to punch at the occasional Mythic boss.

Our Raid Times are :
Wednesday - 20:00 - 23:00
Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00

Current Progress - Recruiting Full Raid Team.

Active Discord community - Guild Bank - Guild Repair’s

Looking to explore all elements of the game we currently are heavily PvE centred but eventually will look towards PvP and even RP events.

EDN guild spans several different games

  • including 7 Days to Die, League of Legends, Minecraft and a lot more.
    We know people have many different interests as well as Warcraft and are all for people sharing that within our community.

For more info or invites please contact - Sor10#2419

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